AVOP-069 Uehara Ai x Out Of 100 People

AVOP-069 Uehara Ai x Out Of 100 People

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Jack eyed the girl’s jiggly ass from the front door of LA’s Celebrity Starr Night Club. He thought she was fine as hell with her fat tits, tiny waist and sexy hips. There was a gap just below her crotch that called out his name. The chick’s pants were so tight, Jack could see the imprint of her pussy slit.

The large, muscular bouncer stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked over to the girl and her friend.

“It’s cold out here tonight. How much longer before we can get in?” the girl asked. She licked shapely glossed lips that trembled slightly in the cold air.

“It could be another hour,” Jack answered. “What’s your name?”

“Felicity. This is my friend Janice,” she said. The straight-haired brunette standing next to Felicity nodded her head in Jack’s direction with a shy smile. “Why does it take so long? We’ve already been here for an hour and a half already.” Felicity was obviously pissed and ran impatient slim fingers through her dyed, blonde curls.

“I’m Jack, the lead bouncer here. I might be able to work something out. You and your friend come with me.” Jack turned and headed back to the other security officer and asked him to watch the door for a while. No one in line dared to challenge his decision to allow Felicity and Janice into the building. Jack’s hooded eyes and dark, mafia-like demeanor clearly expressed he was not in the mood for addressing questions or complaints.

Runtime: 180mins
Genres: Creampie, Solowork, Outdoors, Beautiful Girl, Squirting, Promiscuity
Actors: Uehara Ai, Uehara Ai