Exclusive Debut Worldwide Active Lingerie Model Lily EBOD-431 E-BODY

Exclusive Debut Worldwide Active Lingerie Model Lily EBOD-431 E-BODY

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Felicity moaned under the assault of Jack’s crooked cock. He was ruthless and animal-like, acting like he would go coo coo for pussy juice. She had to get into the club tonight since the All-star game was being played in town and everyone who was anyone was inside. Felicity took the pounding on the long vanity of the bouncer locker room. Jack was sweating and swearing as he enjoyed her sweet, wet ass.

The thought of her two swollen slits and his dick pounding the shit hole next to it made EBOD-431 E-BODY hungry.

Jack unplugged his pulsating dick from Felicity’s tiny asshole and pulled both of her thighs up in the air so he could devour her pussy. It was sweet and salty from the sweat of his baseball bat cock. His tongue slipped right into the hole that he’d stretched to the max. “This cunt is a great fuck,” Jack thought as he gnawed at her labia while slurping the excess precum he had just left inside her.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum!” Felicity let out a shriek and dropped a couple loads of pussy syrup from her trembling hips into Jack’s mouth. This quick fuck to get into the club had ended up benefiting her in more ways than one.

Jack let Felicity’s cum drip down the side of his mouth onto his beard so he could smell it and pulled Felicity off the counter, hiking up her ass. Jack continued fucking her from behind until she was too sore to even think about a dance floor. Finally he leaned into her, his dick continuing to swell, and pumped a load of thick cum into her uterus.

Felicity made a mental note to get Jack’s schedule to make sure she could meet him at the same time and place next week, but not necessarily to get into the club.