Hot Sakurako Hardcore Spitroatsted And Creampied

Hot Sakurako Hardcore Spitroatsted And Creampied

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I could smell the sweetness her hair as she nuzzled into my neck. I wanted to run my hands over her body, feeling her smooth skin, but I knew if I did, he would stop licking and probing my bottom. I didn’t want him to stop, I wanted more, and I wanted his cock in my ass. I wanted her, I wanted both of them, and I wanted to devour them. He knew I wanted her, he knew I wanted him; he was making me wait, to beg him to fuck me. He wanted to watch me get hotter and wetter, knowing I wanted them both so badly.

My mind was getting cloudy and it was hard to breath. She was pressed against me, he was moving, getting up off the floor. “Come here” he commanded. I didn’t want to move from her body, my arms stiff from holding them at head level for so long.

“Go,” she whispered to me, pushing me away. “Go, I’ll be along in a while.”

“Yes” I moaned, “please get the jelly” He laughed and pulled me away from the wall, turning me to face him. His cock was hard, standing out, beckoning to me. “I want you” I said, “I want your cock in my ass, I want it now, please!”