Movies Used to Be Really Good by Being Bad

Movies Used to Be Really Good by Being Bad

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Satisfied with her wetness I dragged her toward me until her ass hung over the side of the bed. Then I lifted her legs until they were pressed against her chest and slammed the length of my cock home. Jess lifted herself of the bed and pushed herself eagerly against me. I vigorously pumped in and out, my cock hitting her G spot on every in stroke.

Just before she reached her peak I pushed her left leg across her body and let both of her legs rest on my left shoulder. I slapped her exposed ass cheek, HARD once, twice, three times, without breaking my rhythm. Jess came spectacularly, exploding on my cock, clutching at my hips and moaning very loudly.

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Normally at this point I would slow down and let her regain her compsure, but right now I wasn’t interested. Flipping her leg back over my head I bent her legs and spread them, then grabbed one of her tits roughly in each hand, yanking at them as I continued to fuck her as hard as I could.