Pervert Hotel Room Clerk – Rei Kitajima Uncensored

Pervert Hotel Room Clerk – Rei Kitajima Uncensored

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She laughed. She had a warm laugh. “Nothing that you would call fun. Painted our nails, see? And watched some episodes of Sex and the City. And talked. As usual.”

“Sounds like a great Tuesday night,” I said.

“Oh yeah, well, what did you do without our lovely company?”

I felt myself blushing as a I thought about what I did do, and even more, that I had spent a good deal of time picturing the girl in front of me naked.

“Oh, nothing really, tried to study, didn’t work. Went to bed after awhile.” I hoped she hadn’t notice my slight discomfort.

Caroline looked as if she might say something more, but changed her mind and looked at her watch. “Well, gotta run. Good to see you Jake.”

I said goodbye and watched her stand up and walk away. God she had a perfect ass in her jeans.