Work Woman 3 Miyaji Indigo SPECIAL SP.06

Work Woman 3 Miyaji Indigo SPECIAL SP.06

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He sauntered over to the table and to look one would think he was engaging in banter with the young caterer, that is until the look of shock struck his face. The two separated, Matthew picking a guest to talk to with a good view of the door, the young man took trays into the kitchen, returning. Matthew heard part of his questions

“Excuse me ma’am is your name Ann Jacobs……. You must have dropped your bag as we have found a bank card that we would just like you to verify. Come with me please.” Matthew grinned at the pun, probably accidental. He made idle conversation for a minute or so and followed them out into their ground floor bedroom. He laughed out loud. He was sat on a chair wide eyed; she was straddling him, her dress covering everything. He knew his wife too well, she took control unless it was forced out of her – it was only then she would enjoy sex. In mock fury he strode up to the fucking couple and yanked her hair pulling her back and off the boy. He started making excuses on deaf ears as Matthew pulled out another chair, threw her onto the back of it and lifted her skirt.

“You want to fuck her?” The boy made affirmative and shocked noises “Well fuck her then!” He roared “Take that twenty-one year old cock and shove it up the tight ass of my wife. She wants you to, don’t you darling”

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Runtime: 125mins
Genres: OL, Solowork, Uniform, Nasty, Hardcore, Electric Massager
Actors: Miyaji Ai